7 Day Carb Test Day 2 & 3

Chickpeas & Oats


So I was a bit sick of oatmeal considering my first day was a write off and second day was technically the “real” first day of my 7 day carb test, so instead of decreasing my amount of oats and having 25 grams on day two, I decided I would swap it up to chickpeas, and Day three I would have the 25 grams of oats.

To get a bit of a back ground of what the hell I am talking about check out Day 1 here.

Day Two Chickpeas feelings and results


The thought of eating 1.55 cups or 255 grams of plain cooked chickpeas for breakfast was NOT appealing to me However it actually wasn’t that bad, perhaps this was because I was sick of oatmeal? Anyways it was nearly as gross as I played it up to be in my head. The chickpeas went down easily and it really gave me the insight to how plain foods can taste good.

Post meal I felt fine, not bloated, not too full or hungry.

2 hour Mark


Apparently my body likes chickpeas, my blood glucose was 5.3 mmol/L which is exactly where I wanted it to be.

Day Three 25 Grams Oatmeal


Today I went back to retest oats since my first reading was way to high for my liking. So I did what Rob’s book ” Wired to Eat” suggest… to reduce the the 50 grams in half. So I enjoyed my bowl of 25 grams (cooked) PLAIN oats.

Post meal I feel hungry, not bloated at all just hungry. So went my 2 hours is up at 11:45 AM I will eat my salad I have for lunch which is made up greens, chopped veggies, left over gluten free BBQ chicken and some roasted chickpeas, (since my body likes them).

2 Hour Mark


At 11:45 AM my blood glucose level was  4.5 mmol/L. So it looks like my blood glucose levels are way lower today and I can feel it. I feel a bit wonky, hungry and thirsty. So I am assuming If I had a tea with collagen, and added some fruit, coconut oil and spoon full of pumpkin seeds to my oats that my blood glucose would be around the 5 – 5.8 range.



Something I have been able to identify is when my blood sugar is low how I feel! And when I eat a balanced breakfast with fiber and protein with small amounts of fat I feel satiated longer. I always knew this and understood this concept I preach it all the time in my practice but I now can say I actually know what the difference is according my numbers but how I feel too.


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