7 Days of moderate to high carb breakfast options



The recipes below have been some of my favorites, I have recreated them in my own kitchen many times using different ingredients and putting my own spin on them. But for simplicity I have selected a few from the wholefoods advocates that have love and respect. I wanted to pay it forward and show case some of their work here. I have hand picked a few I think everyone should try! If you like what you see check out their individual websites and get a copy of their books!

Note: I do not have any affiliate or endorsements with any of the following blogs or products. Just a love for what they do and wanted to share it with you all. 


Oats & Eggs with plantain or berries



Pumpkin Pancakes from Dianne Sanfilippo : NOTE: Eat with 1 organic Apple 

Tip: Make a head of time and keep in freezer or fridge – Make extra you may need them Sunday! :) 



Swirly Crustless Quiche From Dianne Sanfilippo NOTE: Eat with 1 Cup Berries 

Tip: Make a head of time keeps in fridge for 4 ish days! 



Maple Pumpkin Collagen Latte From Healing Family Eats NOTE: Not sure where to buy Collagen? or what it is? Its conveniently now sold at Bedrock CrossFit! Stop by the club & ask Dawn or I ( Regan) about it. 

Need a little pick me up? Add a shot of espresso make it warm or if your an anxiety, worry or energy person in AM use dandy blend ( found at the health food store) or decaf coffee for flavor. 


Pre work out orange collagen drink

Creamy Collagen OJ NOTE: If you would like this to last you a bit longer add 1 tbsp Chia seeds and 2 tbsp oats

Tip Blend up the night before shake before drinking. 



                    Gluten Free Nut Free Granola : From Practical Paleo NOTE: Eat with 1 cup Berries                                              & 1 cup Greek or coconut yogurt 

Tip Make a head of time! 


pancakge breakfast sandwhich paleomg

Pancake Breakfast Sandwich from PaleOMG –  Use Turkey or ground Chicken as a leaner choice of protein, or purchase pre made patties from Masters Meats conveniently located close to Bedrock! eat with a side of berries.  

Tip: Use your left over pancakes from Tuesday! To save time. 





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