7 High Carb Breakfast options week #2


The recipes below have been some of my favorites, I have recreated them in my own kitchen many times using different ingredients and putting my own spin on them. But for simplicity I have selected a few from the wholefoods advocates that have love and respect. I wanted to pay it forward and show case some of their work here. I have hand picked a few I think everyone should try! If you like what you see check out their individual websites and get a copy of their books!

Note: I do not have any affiliate or endorsements with any of the following blogs or products. Just a love for what they do and wanted to share it with you all. 



Bullet Proof Coffee – I know It sounds strange! You want to put butter where? If you have no clue what I’m talking about I recommend trying this the next time you drink your coffee. If you do know, you may be wondering why I am selecting a fat filled coffee as a high carb breakfast? I have a few variations for you to make this less fatty but still keep all the benefits of consuming your caffeine with nutrients to help with energy and blood sugar.

What to mix with it?  

Make it less fatty –  By adding 1 tbsp collagen & 1 Tbsp coconut oil or MTC oil only! Add real Vanilla extract and Cinnamon .  Blend all ingredients together ( if you like adding sugar use honey or 1 date instead)

 Enjoy this cup of Jo with an Organic Apple, or 1 Cup Organic Fresh berries of your choice. 

Want to buy it instead? 

Purchase at Wild and Raw , & Euphoria Cafe or Starbucks ( but you will need to add butter packet they have their to it and your own collagen)

Whats Collagen?

bp collagencollagen-powder

Check out this post for more details. Pick up Great Lakes Gelatin at Bedrock Crossfit in Calgary

chia pudding ratio:


Chia Pudding with Granola & 1 cup Organic Berries



Regan approved toast & eggs with tomato & 1 cup Organic Berries ( Use your pre hard boiled eggs ! )

Ok with grains ( wheat/ gluten) ezekiel & Silver Hills sprouted grains 


 Gluten Free? use Silver Hills Gluten free option


strawberry collagen drink

Strawberry Collagen Shake



Flourless Apple Almond Muffin – By My Whole Food Life with an side of berries and Coffee or tea with non dairy milk, honey & cinnamon 



wild and raw bowl

Left over Chia pudding with 1 cup berries or smoothie bowl from Wild & Raw or Jugo Juice



Eggs with left over roasted root veggies with Berries and avocado NOTE: Add a side of sauerkraut this is a great way to start your day! It will help your digestion. 

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