7 Days of High Fat Family Friendly Dinners


The recipes below have been some of my favorites, I have recreated them in my own kitchen many times using different ingredients and putting my own spin on them. But for simplicity I have selected a few from the wholefoods advocates that have love and respect. I wanted to pay it forward and show case some of their work here. I have hand picked a few I think everyone should try! If you like what you see check out their individual websites and get a copy of their books!

Note: I do not have any affiliate or endorsements with any of the following blogs or products. Just a love for what they do and wanted to share it with you all. 



Use those Left overs! With Julie from PaleOMG.com Crock pot Shredded Beef NOTE: Use Chicken, pork or Lamb as a substitute. Enjoy this with a side salad of your choice or any steamed veggies with butter and sea salt. 

Note: If you have left overs feel free to add this in with your LUNCH or Breakfast tomorrow! It also freezes GREAT! 


bacon brussels

Bacon Brussels Sprouts from PaleOMG NOTE: Dont like brussel sprouts? Use green or purple cabbage, green beans or peas instead. Enjoy this side dish with BBQ Chicken Breast or Left over Pulled Beef. 

or use this chicken recipe Make extra and re heat for dinner tomorrow 



Crispy Oven Baked Chicken Wings From PaleoParents.com NOTE: Enjoy this protein with Greek Salad use goat cheese if dairy sensitive. This is a finger food kind of salad easy for kids to pick at. 



Meat Ball Bowls From Paleoparents.com NOTE: A little preparation goes a long way, imagine how simple this meal would come together if you had zucchini noodles already done up and in the fridge, and meat patties made or grilled already? Sunday is a great day to get this ready! 


easy mexican salad

Quick Meal Friday – Easy Mexican Salad From PaleOMG.com Enjoy this with a side of Grilled Asparagus or on a bed of mixed Greens If you have pulled beef left over go a head and use that up for this recipe instead. If you liked the recipe use your crock pot to make pulled chicken or pork and use it with this dinner instead. 


broiled samon salad

Broiled Salmon & Asparagus Ceaser Salad From PaleOMG.com NOTE: Don’t have Salmon? Use a can of wild salmon instead. Don’t like Fish? Use left over pulled beef ( If you froze it) or hard boiled eggs with sliced turckey breast or grilled chicken from the deli instead. 



Sunday Night Buffalo chicken casserole From Julie at PaleOMG.com NOTE: Need ideas for Lunch tomorrow? Use this ! 


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