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BeautyCounter is now featured on Global Wedding Hub! I am excited to announce I am now a featured Direct Sales Vendor in the Beauty Industry with Global Wedding Hub. Wedding Hub shares all things weddings with Canadian Brides and Grooms, providing a one stop shop for services and products.
You can find ME in the BEAUTY section
by clicking the ( Couples section ) within the Wedding Hub Home page. Or click this link!
MY MISSION IS TO GET SAFER PRODUCTS ON THE MARKET…. Brides should feel beautiful on their wedding day and they shouldn’t have to comprise on performance or safety when choosing their makeup. 
And since I am currently in wedding planning mode this is perfect timing. I am getting married September 1st 2018 and it’s just under one year until I tie the knot! With the ( apply eye rolls now ) the most amazing man I have ever met. I know cheesy but this guy is just the best and I am so so so excited to marry him. Actually the Wedding day is what excites me, and the fact that we are learning how to adult together and create a life that we are happy about.
Pretty much everything is booked for our wedding already, I know its crazy! and we still have a year to go. But there is a reason for my madness… We are moving to Victoria BC in 4 weeks. And we are getting married about 3 hours away from where we are currently living. Which means all the viewings, and site stuff needed to be done before we move, I wanted to meet the local people I was hiring before we moved. It’s a long drive or an expensive flight back so I decided to be organized and get all the shit done before. So that means our Venue is booked, our deposit for our photographer is done, our catering company booked and the lady who is making us Gluten Free Cupcakes is booked. And just last week I booked our wedding commissioner and our bar tending service. I also worked in a couple road trips to the area for a mock make up trial. Which brings me to the topic of the bride and the thick layer of makeup needed for photos on her wedding day, or his if that’s your thing.
If it was up to Jesse my fiance he says ” You just shouldn’t wear any makeup… Since you don’t wear a lot anyways. or Just do it your self”
There is a reason I don’t wear a lot of makeup on a daily basis.. One is that I have no idea what I am doing! and the other is I have oily skin and don’t like the feel of makeup on it. Especially around 3pm in the afternoon when my shine is strong!
Then I found BeautyCounter and my life changed, I still don’t wear a lot during the day. Especially since getting my lash extensions and eye brow’s micro bladed. I pretty much just wear a little eye shadow in the inner corner of my eye and a little blush with some lip gloss. But there are times when I want to wear foundation, my wedding being one of them.
So I found a local girl who advertises that she uses safer makeup. I booked a consult with here and lets just say I wasn’t that impressed with the final look. Party because I might not have explained exactly what I was looking for as well as I thought I did, and partly because I am not use to wearing a lot of make up as it is, and I love BeautyCounter so much that is all I wear when I choose to. I didn’t like how her makeup felt, and looked. I wore the makeup for about 3 hours to see how it would wear as the day went on. 90 minutes of this was going for dinner with Jesse where I refused to take my sun glasses off because I was so embarrassed to be in public with so much makeup on.
I want to make this clear, I am not saying wearing lots of makeup is a bad thing. I totally understand that people love makeup and sometimes people can pull off wearing a lot and look amazing and feel confident and them selves. I personally don’t like wearing a lot, but I do understand that I need to wear it for my wedding and I want to. I am looking forward to it and looking beautiful on my wedding day and in my photos. That being said, I feel like the color and shades and the application of my first trial with the artist just wasn’t what I wanted. I didn’t feel pretty I wanted to cry!
So I called the artist up and asked if they would be open to using my BeautyCounter on me instead and if so I would like to book another trial with her.
She said yes!
So I totally understand what it’s like to feel overwhelmed with all the wedding stuff, especially if you are not confident doing your own makeup or you are crunched for time finding an artist you like. Either way you want to feel your self just beautiful and enhanced for your photos. And who doesn’t like a little pampering anyways?
The weekend before we move we are taking a little vaca and driving the 3 hours to do another makeup trial, with all my BeautyCounter stuff. And thanks to Pinterest I have some great visuals of what I am looking for. It just so happens my sister and her husband live 45 minutes away from the place we are getting married so we can spend thanksgiving weekend with them.
I was really excited when Wedding Hub contacted me to be a featured Vendor with BeautyCounter. It’s a great way to share my passion for safer products without compromising on performance. I’m looking forward to the extra exposure from Wedding Hub and to help brides who main focus is to look and feel beautiful without choosing performance over safety.

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