I am the newest member of NWA…. Seriously !

Update: what i am doing now


I recently moved to Victoria BC, and I officially retired my massage therapy career. I have been practitcing as and RMT for the past 10 years, and I needed a change. I wanted to share with you what I am doing now, post move to Victoria. I am working full time as a Wellness Ambassador with Neurological Wellness Association.

What we do?

Neurological Wellness Association is a registered not for profit who aims to subsidize health care costs for people in our community suffering from a number of neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s, Autism, MS, Alzheimer’s, etc. We will also help individuals suffering from other serious medical conditions such as, traumatic brain injuries, PTSD, etc. We cover all forms of treatment that are not covered by the government, has been cut back by the government or where the government has been unable to assist these individuals.

It’s something that I am new at, and have never done before. That being said I personally know how difficult it can be to pay out of pocket for treatments. I also know what it’s like to work in a clinic setting, and be a service provider.

So currently right now my daily job is in the fundraising department, I raise money to help pay for treatments that are not covered by the government. For those suffering with a neurological disorder or serious illness.

There are some perks to this (I get to be outside, I get to talk to LOTS of people, I get to raise money for a good cause, and I am not sitting at a desk or bent over massaging anyone. I also have promotions opportunities so I can work my way up into the company and move out of the fundraising department.) The down fall to this position is you need to have a positive attitude 100% of the time, and you need to talk to EVERYONE. Even if they don’t pay attention to you. You need to have thick skin for the days when some individuals have a rude comments, or just don’t agree with what you are saying.

This is has been a learning curve for sure but right away what I have noticed is this:

  2. DO NOT SAY HELLO OR HI … Just start right away with your pitch because by the time you say Hi they have walked past already.
  3. For those who say they need a tax deduction receipt and not comfortable putting cash in the box, HAVE THE DEBIT machine READY.
  4. Go in with a goal… to raise 40$ per hour or total 250$ per day
  5. Set up table at an exit door not an entrance because people are rushed and thinking about a million things when they are going into a store.
  6. Again TALK TO EVERYONE, it you don’t talk you wont raise money. So fare only 2 – 5% of people have stopped and asked or put money in without talking to me.

So as of now that is what I am doing, raising money to cover the cost of treatments, that are not covered by the government. Ideally this money goes to our MEMBERS who have been diagnosed with a neurological disease or serious illness. If they need funding we help them with that too.

Another part of my job is to find members… During my day of fundraising I meet A LOT OF PEOPLE. A whole lot of them have some kind of serious illness ( it’s more commen then you realize ) Most of them have Lyme, Head Trauma, Cancer, or some kind of neurological issue such as MS, Parkinson’s, Fibromialgia, Autism. …. The list goes on. But so far those have been the most common out of the individuals I have had the pleasure of speaking with.

I know from my personal experience dealing with fibro like symptoms, thyroid / autoimmune issues how much it can cost to get the right treatment and care I needed to feel better. Luckily for the past 3 years I had some benefits which helped out a lot. But even with them my cost of treatment and alternative medical care added up. I found my self with debt, but with managed symptoms.

I know if I had help paying for my treatments, I could have seen my practitioners more often, and paid less per visit. Even when my benefits ran out I would still be able to see them!

Right now when I sign up a member it’s completely FREE for them! Its simple and easy.

Another aspect of the business is building strategics partnerships with service providers. These are practitioners and clinics offering services that are not covered by the government. Like my self when I was massaging and or offering nutrition services. This professional membership is a partnership between NWA – Yes our company is called NWA…. and the service provider. They can enjoy the perks of being featured on our website, and on our easy access – find a practitioner function for our members seeking treatments. It’s really a no brainier… We advertise your clinic, and we send you clients that need your services. In return you provide a 25% off discount on services for our members.

It’s a great way I can do business and stay connected with my practitioner and clinic owner friends back in Calgary, while I live on the Island.

So that’s what I am up too!



If you know anyone with a serious illness that would benefit from our membership and funding please email me @ victoriawellnessassociation.org

If you are a service provider and you want to get involved email me @ victoriawellnessassociation.org 


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