Power of the Daily Elixir

sip on some liquid love for your Lungs, hormones & Immune System!


A few months ago I had the honor of sipping on a few handcrafted elixir’s made fresh by Derek Fleming. The owner of New Earth Organics, Derek hosted a free talk at the Market (Thanks to Rose at Lotus Herbals). This talk was all about the power of the daily Elixir using Derek’s Medicinal Mushroom blends.

Yes I said medicinal Mushrooms

Not Magic Mushrooms although I think that sounds fun, and there is always a time and a place for everything. However I do not suggest incorporating a daily dose of magic mushrooms into your morning coffee. Entering your office high as a kite only works in Wolf of Wall Street. Or if your work takes place in a dimly lit club with glowing flashing lights out front. kite-1159538_640

The workshop was very informative, I was interested in checking it out partly for my own curiosity, after I healed my adrenals with New Earth Organics Cordycep blend, and became and instant medicinal mushroom enthusiasts solely on how I felt after using them.

And partly because I wanted to know how to craft an elixir that was packed full of the mushroom nutrients, but also tasted great. ( Because I couldn’t always afford a $12 – $14 elixir from Wild and Raw or The Light Cellar)

And lastly because I wanted to learn more about the powers of the mushrooms, what each blend one was, and how to choose a blend that is right for me, and of course the art of crafting elixirs at home.

My intention was to learn from Derek so I could play around with it, and create yummy tasting drinks that I can share with my clients, and all one of my consistent reader’s I have. (My two whole readers who are oddly enough both named Erin haha) If you are reading this THANK YOU! for expressing your interest in my horrible grammar and long winded explanations on random topics I think up in the early mornings and feel inspired to share with you all.

So thank you for diving into the inner workings of my brain!

Back to the Elixirs…

elixer picture

Before I start sharing more recipes I would like to share the main points from the info I learned during the workshop with Derek.

Tips for crafting Elixirs at home

  1. Put the powder in first then liquid in your blender before turning it on. This will help mix better.
  2. Combine your powdered mushrooms with a fat, a liquid , a little salt and a sweetener To maximize the nutrients from the mushrooms.
  3. Some mushrooms are good for lung health, immunity, energy, focus or sleep so its best to understand what the main reason for use is and start there when choosing what type is right for you.
  4. If you are making elixirs powdered mushrooms is the best form
  5. If you tolerate coffee make your coffee into and elixir
  6. If you do not tolerate coffee use Dandy blend instead to get a coffee taste
  7. Liquid sources can be hot water, warm milks ( Dairy or non diary forms)
  8. Fat sources can be MTC oil, coconut oil or butter, Nut butters, or small handful of soaked raw nuts or seeds
  9. Protein sources can be Collagen powder
  10. Sugar sources can be honey, maple syrup, 1 – 2 pitted Dates, or 1 drop liquid stevia

Since this workshop I started to use Four Sigmatic Brand of medicinal mushrooms partly because they are conveniently sold on line, and they come in little packets that are great for travel or on the go. They also offer a free Mushroom Academy on there website which you can check out here.

If your into mushrooms and want to know everything you need to know about how to use them, where to buy them and how to identify when you buying quality ones I highly recommend checking out their free Mushroom Academy, and just reading through their website too.

Here are the Four main take away’s I got from the Mushroom Academy

  1. Medicinal Mushrooms are the answer to all problems on the planet!! Seriously they are amazing and can be used to literally eat plastic waste!
  2. Picking Mushrooms in the wild will not make them go extinct and is actually good for the environment, so go forage!
  3. When purchasing Medicinal Mushrooms you always want it to be the FRUITING BODY not the Myacilium.
  4. When purchasing you want to the company to disclose what material the fruiting body and myacilium is grown on. So you can ensure there isn’t any cross contamination with allergens like wheat and gluten.



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