One thing you can add into your day right now to promote muscle growth, boost metabolism and joint recovery!


The answer is ….. Collagen!


It’ll help your joints move more easily, reduce joint pain and even reduce the risk of joint deterioration. – Dr. Axe 

What is it ..? It’s the  most abundant protein in our body, think of it as the “glue” that helps hold the body together. I can go on and on about this amazing product. But instead I am going to share my personal success, and how I use collagen, so you can get inspired to use it too. collagen-powder

I use it for the positive healing affects it has on the digestive system, but shortly after I noticed my hair, nails and skin were looking and feeling better. BONUS! Then I noticed my blood sugar was stable ( I wasn’t getting HANGRY as often) Extra BONUS! You have probably heard of collagen from your personal beauty products, its used in many creams and lotions for the healing properties I just listed above.

I use collagen a number of ways in my diet, the most common way is to blend it up in some orange juice and coconut milk with turmeric and drink it as an early pre workout breakfast. Here’s my Creamy Collagen OJ recipe .

I also started noticing that I was recovery better, this is a major concern for me the past few years. Since being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and a disc issue in my lower back, inflammation has been a big part of why I was in so much pain all the time! and why I had to stop working out. Now that I am back at it and have added collagen to diet 1 x per day for about 3 months I have noticed a positive change in my recovery. bp collagen

A boost in collagen can increase your metabolism. Gylcine, found in collagen, helps pump sugar into your body’s tissue to increase energy levels. It also helps in muscle development — and muscles burn more calories than fat. 

7 Ways Collagen can Boost YOUR Health By Dr. Axe


Where to buy it? We sell it conveniently at Bedrock CrossFit for those in the Calgary Alberta Area.

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