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I have to say my skin and having straight teeth is the only “non problem” area on my body I have! But it wasn’t always like this. In grade 7 I remember crying many mornings before leaving the house for school, because I had a forehead full of pimples!

I hated those red bumps that just wouldn’t go away.

And then one day they just did…I honestly cant remember exactly when this was, but I do know I felt a wave of confidence come over me when I started high school and my skin was clear. And my friends were starting to break out.

I do know that eating wholefoods (real food), limiting refined sugars, and drinking water helps my skin stay hydrated and glowing. I also know that by accident a cream cleanser works best on my oily skin ( contrary to what I once thought) that oily cream cleansers were too heavy for my oily skin. But once day when I accidentally purchased my favorite cleanser by Andalou Naturals ( creamy probiotic apricot cleanser) thinking I was buying the cleansing gel type. Frustrated when I opened it up, I decided to try it out anyways and waala the stuff helped control my oil!

It makes sense now that I think about it, if you use a harsh soap which strips your natural oils your face will start to produce MORE oil. And oil isn’t always bad, its just annoying.

Hello blotting paper!

As the years went on my skin changed, it got really bad again during college, due to some crazy hormonal issues I was going through when I stopped taking my oral birth control. Since then it has cleared up and I actually get compliments on it from time to time. People can be so kind, thank you to those lovely soles who have stopped to ask me what I use for my face. This just makes my day!

And its a great marketing strategy…..Now that I am an official BeautyCounter Consultant.

So my confession is my new obsession with a company called BeautyCounter. This company is not just any beauty company, its a MISSION. The Founder and CEO Gregg Renfrew is a lovely kind, and smart women. With a passion to change legislation by raising the bar when it comes to what ingredients can and should NEVER be put in our personal care products. BeautyCounter has created their own ingredients selection process along with something called the NEVER LIST.

When creating BeautyCounter products they NEVER use approx 1500 ingredients that are linked to human health issues. The list of these nasty ingredients are listed on their NEVER LIST.

I love that this company is transparent with their ingredients, their website is very easy to use, and they disclose ever ingredient used.

Did you know there as not been a federal law passed in the beauty industry since 1938!

Umm is that’s crazy……or what?

Not only are they passionate about telling us {consumers} exactly what’s in their products, but they are actually making changes to the beauty industry. This BeautyCounter goes to Washington video pretty much sums up the amazing work these ladies are doing!


One of those nasty ingredients on the never list, is MERCURY, a heavy metal that I know too much about. Since I was diagnosed with toxic levels 1 year ago. Its now my main mission to replace ALL my personal care products and makeup with BeautyCounter stuff over the next year. So I can sleep at night knowing that mercury is not going on my body and approx 28 seconds later into my blood!


  1. I want to learn more about how I can nourish my body inside & OUTSIDE
  2. To remove mercury and nasty ingredients linked to human health issues from all my products by switching to BeautyCounter
  3. To make residual income on the side of my massage & nutrition business so I can one day stop massaging to have a baby and feel secure with multiple income sources.
  4. To be part of something bigger them me, This is my WHY & Purpose
  5. To be part of a company influenced by the amazing ladies I trust who introduced me to BeautyCounter Liz WolfCassy Joy G, and Stacy.
  6. To use safer products without compromising on performance.

So far the best options for sharing this company with others has been with this short video { We all deserve better} It sums up the company and whats its about in less then 3 minutes. 


  1. The charcoal Bar
  2. The charcoal Mask
  3. The cleansing face Balm
  4. The balancing face oil
  5. The sea salt hair spray 
  6. The shampoo and conditioner charcoal-cleansing-bar_600_2
  7. The mascara
  8. I have yet to purchase the blush & skin tints and lip colors 

Ill be sharing more and linking posts to this page from time to time. But until I create some more content for you, here is a post about why I took the job. You might be interested in.

Shop my BeautyCounter personal link here


Click here to read more on why I took the Job

Click here to watch a short video {we all deserve better} I could watch this video over and over again. Its a 2 min explanation that sums up the company very well. It may make me tear up a little bit. Out of pure excitement for being a par of this  movement, and also out of fear of what the fuck I was putting on my body before!

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