Self Care Sunday….Go to Bed!

Lazy Sundays, Asking for help and Sleep Strategies


I spent my Saturday at the 10th Annual Holistic Nutrition Conference hosted here in Calgary, put on by CSNN Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. Well technically it was in Toronto but we live streamed it, so we had access to the amazing ladies who shared tips, insights and new technology used in all sorts of jobs related to health and holistic nutrition.

The most interesting was a talk by an OBGYN Dr Kristy Prouse she shared insights to new technology used for women with pelvic floor issues. Pretty much its a laser used internally which helps heal, and promote new collagen and healthy folds in the walls inside the vagina. I am going to email her and ask if this treatment is covered by health care if it is I would love to see if I am a candidate for it.

During the breaks I spent most of my time gathering up free goodies from the vendors, and networking with the owners. I came home with a bag full of lovely things I know I will use.

Oh and I actually WON a draw! I entered it during our lunch break and spoke with the owner a bit, I didn’t really pay much attention to what the prize was I figured I would just enter it anyways. Then when they were announcing the winner and explaining the prize I thought holy shit I really want that. So I focused on the lady and said in my mind I am going to get that prize, I asked the universe for the opportunity I really needed this and I was going to get it. Then the strangest thing happened….. I saw her pull the paper from the back corner of the box I remember I tucked mine in the back and I also remember folding mine four ways so when I saw her by pass all the others just folded in half and grab what I knew was mine I thought holy shit I actually won this ! Then she called my name…. I some how knew I was getting it and was excited but not because in my gut I knew.

Ok call me crazy but I have been vision boarding and manifesting a lot lately … also asking the universe for help and for the correct people to show up in my life when I am ready to ask for help and guess what they show up. Shit happens, I get stuff, strange things works out and or when shit hits the fan a solution is there very quickly to calm the storm.

Like the time when my partner Jesse forgot a bag of meat at the self check out. When he realized he went back to the store to search and ask around for this missing bag of grass fed meat, with no luck he returned home. So I drove there to check it out my self, and on the way there I asked the universe to find it. Because Jesse had a lot on his mind, and was particularly stressing about money and life shit that day. Hence how he was distracted and forgot an entire bag of meat at the grocery store. As I drove their I said ” Universe I know its there, and I need your help… Jesse really needs this found. He has a lot going on right now and that 50 bag of meat means more to us then just food, please let it show up when I arrive”

Of course it was there tucked away safe in the freezer waiting for the owner to claim it.

But back to my prize… It’s a holistic body love online program by Rosalyn Fung, Founder of Holistic Body Love and Registered Psychologist. Pretty much its an online program helping you discover freedom with food, body love confidence, and being your own best friend.

This is exactly what I need right now…. I am currently ( or for the past 2 years ) struggling with body image issues, lets just say I eat healthy, I am a nutritionist and I am 15 – 20 lbs heavy then my natural true body should be and full of inflammation. Once I complete the program I will post about it and share more links.

So I have realized that asking for help from the experts is a good thing, asking for help from the universe is also good… and when you think its silly or you feel ashamed or stubborn just do it anyways what do you have to lose?

I also asked for help on Sunday, since I was away all Saturday and a bit tired from having an early morning and a bit of wine the night before I didn’t go grocery shopping, I also slept in and had a lazy Sunday so I asked my partner Jesse if he could prep the food for the week and I would clean up the house in return. So that’s what happened and it was delightful…. I wasn’t rushed I could relax and work on some paper work and I didn’t feel obligated to stay in the kitchen all day making endless dishes for the week. I also had time to go to a friends how to watch the hockey game.

Before this simple task of asking someone to help me would have made me feel a rush of emotions from guilt to lazy to annoyed. Something so simple, yet it killed me inside to let someone do the “stuff” I pride my self on. I know its stupid and a waist of time. Also that’s whats so amazing about being in a relationship with someone who is totally their for you. You can ask them to help you and they will because they love you and they support you and they want to help you. It also gives me the opportunity to sit back and let someone do shit their own way, then when its all done I can thank them and make sure they know how much I appreciate it.

But back to the conference…

During the breaks I checked out the vendors I made some great connections and got a few cards, I also hit up all the free samples! I got a bottle of magnesium citrate powder from Purica, this company makes lovely products using medicinal mushrooms which I am a HUGE fan of.

So since my Saturday was taken up I booked a Shiatsu Massage on Friday and spent most of my Sunday in sweat pants, asking for help with the food prep and then spent the evening watching the hockey game with some friends.

Sometimes our weekends are filled with stuff, and we feel obligated to cram all the “weekend chores” into one day when really we are tired, and just want to veg out. When this happens (because it will) ASK FOR HELP, delegate your to do list, and or simplify it to the 1 or 2 MOST important things you need to do.

My main focus was getting to bed and having a good sleep!

That night after the hockey game I enjoyed a small glass of warm magnesium powder 1 pill ( because that’s all I had) of Max Sleep Supplements from Nova 3 Labs and 1 small drop of CBD oil. I suggest checking out your local dispensary. Here in Calgary you can make an appointment for free at Natural Health Services the MD’s there will interview you and send you to the information center where they will help you identify what dose and type of CBD is right for you. 

Here are some tips for you to embrace your lazy Sundays and enjoy some self care without feeling guilty asking for help.


Tips to enjoy your lazy Sunday

  1. Stay in comfy clothes
  2. Don’t wear a bra
  3. Don’t wear makeup
  4. Sleep in and wake up when your body naturally wakes up
  5. Have a hot and cold contrast shower to help wake up
  6. Drink tea with collagen and MTC oil for breakfast
  7. Do yoga at home like this one or go for a walk
  8. Watch a favorite movie (Mean Girls is always an option)

Sleep Strategies to help you GO TO BEDsleep supplements

  1. Magnesium powder form – drink this before bed I like this brand 
  2. Reishi mushroom as a tea before bed I like this brand 
  3. Max Sleep supplement from Nova 3 Labs
  4. CBD Hemp Oil
  5. Limit meals 90 minutes to two hours prior to bedtime
  6. Warm shower before bed
  7. Keep your room cool, dark and quiet
  8. Guided meditation before bed like this one
  9. Learn more about Magnesium Here  Learn more about some of the Key Ingredients in Max Sleep Here, Here, Here, Here and Here.

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