Self Care Sunday….Manifesting is it Real?


I recently added a post on my IG account about my experiences with manifesting the shit out of my life. It all started a couple years ago when I started to make vision boards. At first it was just a fun way to get together with like minded chicks, I also found it helped me get organized on what I wanted to do over the next year, and helped get really clear on future plans. I would put the poster up in a room that I saw it the most (one is in my bedroom and the other is in my yoga / sauna room). As the year past I started to reflect on all the cool things that have come up in my life. I would walk past the poster and glance at a picture or a word I pasted on it, and think to myself “Oh Yeah I forgot I did that already”. Or I had a deep knowing in my gut that that feeling I got from that picture or word was coming soon!. I honestly just thought it was cool, I really didn’t put to much thought into it. And I certainly didn’t stay up at night trying to figure out how all pasting a few pretty pictures on a poster board would suddenly mean that “that thing” was going to show up in my life.

I took it for what it was, I was open and I was ready to make changes and knew that good things were going to come. So I thought that was the most manifesting I was going to get into. I was happy and I was interested to see where the rest of the year would take me.

Then I started to read self help books like “You are a Badass” and “The Universe has your Back” and ” You are a Badass at Making Money” Each page I read made sense, I started to take action on the simple things the books were suggesting. For example I would journal and get really clear on what I wanted in life, with my job, with my health and my money. I deep dived into really uncomfortable thinking, I wrote love letters to my self, I wrote a letter to “money” and wrote in my journal each night. I also picked a topic to focus on each week on I wrote it on a piece of paper, I then taped that paper to my wall inside my “triangle” This is something Gabrielle Bernstein talks about in “The Universe has your Back”. I made my triangle out of three small tree branches and some left over yarn. I would leave that tapped paper in the triangle for one week, the following week I would burn the paper and replace it with a new wish or dream. The idea of this is to get really clear on what you want, to focus on it for the week and then when you burn it your allowing the universe to do it’s thang!

I know it sounds crazy but I really like it!

What I liked about it the most is to remember to “allow” which also to me means to trust your self more, and most importantly to allow the “things” and “people” to show up in your life, without controlling the situation too much. pexels-photo-279321

So far I have done this for a few weeks now and 80% of the stuff I have wrote in my triangle has come true! This not only made me really excited but it also gave me the confidence to continue this path of chasing my fears, getting clear on what I want and asking the universe for help. It automatically verified that what ever I was doing was braining more positive thoughts and joy into my life something I was struggling with for a long time. So if that meant I was going to journal, and meditate, and dream and think like a hippy dippy then so be it!

And who doesn’t want more happy vibes and joy…?

Then one day I noticed when I did my evening journals I started to write with a more optimistic view.  As I was finishing writing I would write statement’s starting with “I am ready” and saying things like ” Please allow the people to show up in my life that will help me create ____blank and ___blank”. I found this really interesting that I all of a sudden adopted this manifesting mindset.

Mostly the “I am ready” part was a very interesting thought, I all of a sudden went from writing about all the shitty things that happened that day and the crazy feelings I was having, to 100% believing my life was getting better. And the people, the things, the thoughts, and the money that I needed to create this “life” is going to show up. I just had to be patient, and allow the universe to do do its thang.

It was really interesting noticing this change in my thoughts. My journal instantly changed from angry to optimistic, but the best part was I felt secure enough to ask the universe to help me. I asked to be guided and I felt an urge to finally listen to my intuition. To not only just say cool things that sounded great like ” money is all around me ” It was more like I actually believed what I was writing, I could see, smell and taste it. My life I was dreaming up seemed very scary, and uncomfortably and different then my current one. But it wasn’t un believable!

This obviously dose not make me a manifesting expert …. I think someone once said if you are studying something for 10 years then you can call your self an expert. I am about 2.5 years in! And really only within the last year I have really taken it seriously.

I guess my point for this post is to encourage you to wish, dream and create a life that you want to life and feel proud of. But most importantly that we are all energy, and even if you are a scientist you are going to agree that we are made up of atoms and ions and surrounded by negative and positive charges. So if you are feeling pulled to focus on new and exciting thoughts but have no clue how any of this is going to show up in your life then I suggest using this post as a way to get clear on those thoughts. And perhaps just start journal ling them and maybe find a book or author you like that can help you get out of your rut and into the life that brings you joy.

Because were all just on this planet trying to live, we get caught up in the “shoulds” without putting all that effort into making your life the best it can be. Our world does not come with a script we don’t know when the ending is and we certainly dont know how long we are going to live for. I mean unless  you are  medium or a physic…?

We waist so much time doing silly things, and thinking we are stuck in a bubble when it comes to our relationships, our health, our jobs and our money. Why not focus on some good stuff and see what happens??

What do you have to loose?

If anything it will at least help you get clear on what you want, and maybe it will spark some interest in you to take action on these things!


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