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It’s crazy to think that some paper with numbers on it makes the world go round. It separates people, it makes us happy when its around and depressed and anxious when it leaves. I am going to suggest something to you today as a way of getting clear with money.. Something I did not to long ago while reading though my many “self help books” I am pretty sure this idea came from “You are a bad ass at making money” by Jen Sincero. So please dont give me any credit for this I am only the messenger.

So while I sit here listening to Biet on repeat typing out these thoughts and experiences I have recently had. I want to make one thing clear… I am only speaking from my experiences here I am not an expert and I obviously struggle with money just like many of you do.

The truth is that these things have helped me so much over the past year and I wanted to share them with you. Because you would be lying if you said you had all your money shit figured out.

I am officially 30 years old and I am just now realizing my patterns, my mistakes and feeling “ok” with them. Instead of hiding in them and acting like I know what the hell I am doing. My thoughts on this post is to help you get organized.. to KNOW YOUR NUMBERS, and not be afraid of them if they scare the shit out of you. Everyone’s MONEY story is different. We all grew up with different parents, different lives and different beliefs around money. ┬áBut what I have noticed is that most of us feel ashamed, we don’t like talking about it and if we do we usually are stretching the truth or exaggerating to seem like we know what we are talking about. So why is money so hard to talk and think about?

This is a loaded question with many answers and I don’t have the time or expertise to answer it. But the lady I go to for all money and mindset and just fun life advice is Jen Sincero. So I suggest getting a copy of both of her bad ass books!! Read them you wont be disappointed.. and if you are then well sorry!

Instead I am going to give you links to some resources I have used in the past and just recently to help me get organized with my money.


  1. Reading Jens books…. and doing the exercises in them. Especially writing a love letter to “MONEY” Yeah that’s right I wrote a letter to “MONEY”. I wrote a letter saying how much I loved it, but also how much worry and anxiety it gave me. Because I didn’t know how to take care of it. I didn’t know how long it would be around for and that scared me. I felt depended on it and I felt out of control.
  2. I asked for help… with oddly enough another Jenn! Hemphil she is the host of the podcast her money matters and the creator of Jen Hemphil money coaching. Where she held individuals get clear on their money and spending habits. She offers a few different online coaching services. Last year I booked a 1 hour session with her and just yesterday I won a session with her. Which was perfect timing because I needed help again! I am was so ashamed and embarrassed I had paid off all my credit card debt after my first session with Jen last year. And then my job slowed down and my income dramatically changed I had more debt then I did the first time working with her and I was really anxious and annoyed about it. So winning a session with her where I could pick the price of my session was AMAZING. It was exactly what I needed to get clear on my new expenses, my new income that was going to start this October and my new life that I was making with Jesse by moving to Victoria BC. Pretty much I had a lot of new changes coming up we had created to make our liver more enjoyable and it was going to give me the opportunity to make the income I knew I could. And give me the opportunity to live the life I wanted! But I could see a pattern forming with my money story and what I was telling me self about money and how I use it. I needed help and a session with Jen was exactly what I needed. I had it with her yesterday and I now have the tools and plan in place to see exactly how much I need to pay and for how long to pay off my debt. But most importantly I have money left over each month to save for our wedding coming up and a new puppy. Its all very exciting…!
  3. Spread sheet the shit out of your money! One thing Jen has taught me is to love a spread sheet, at first I was very annoyed by it all. I was a paper and pen kinda gal and felt uncomfortable using a spreadsheet. That being said using the one she gave me has changed the way I deal with my money now. I had forgotten about it since our first session and I am so glad I have it to use again with my new income, and new expenses and new saving plan in place. It makes my paper and pen scribbles much easier to see and understand. And the added credit card payment plan by using helps so much. You can add in your amount owing on your credit card the min payment and interest charged. And compare that with the payment you would like to make each month. It will give you a payment plan to know how many months it will take to pay it off.

Ok talking money is not all that fun, because from my experience it’s either here or its gone. And there really isn’t any in between. But I have to say once you sit down and input your numbers into the spread sheet and see what your working it. It all makes sense!

In order for me to do this I needed to make some major changes. My income I was dealing with over the past year had dramatically changed, my spending habits were worse and I felt completely drained. I didn’t like my job anymore and I needed to make more money each month. So now that those changes are happening starting October I have a new plan in place and can see finally being in control of my spending and my credit cards.

I also made some changes to my accounts for the next 6 months, I stopped my monthly charity donations ( I know I feel really bad about this). I also put my monthly contribution to my mutual fund and Tax Free Saving account on hold, I cancelled my prescription to active campaign my email mailing system. And I am going to cancel a few other things. Pretty much I don’t want any unnecessary automatic charges on my credit cards. They will be there for me to start back up when the time is right.

Hope this post encourages you to talk about money, write a love letter to it and get really clear with what your working with. And most importantly if your not making the income that you feel you need or want then to make some changes for that to happen now!

Because money doesn’t buy happiness but the lack of it creates worry, anxiety and stress.


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