Self Care Sunday…Nutrient S

Turning your kitchen into self care time machine


I am currently going through an online course I won last weekend from Rosalyn Fung, M.Sc., Self Love Coach for Women & Entrepreneurs. It’s her Food, Body Image & Self-Love Transformational Program! I am not going to share any of the content or systems I am learning since its her paid for program. But there was one study that I think is so interesting… and I have to post about it.

The Study…In my own words

Some photographers took photos of multiple women’s kitchens (not sure why just women but I guess Rosalyn only works with women so it’s fitting) The women didn’t know whey they were taking photos and I am assuming told not to clean off their counters just to leave it as it is on a typical day.

Get THis!

I guess they were looking to report what the women have left on their counters (specifically which food items) lived on their counters long term. They were interested in measuring the body weight of each women according to which type of food they have on their counter tops.

Or putting the old saying “Out of sight out of mind” to test.

Here are the results of the food item pared with amount of weight gain on average


  1. Cereal = Women were 20 lbs heavier  
  2. Soft Drinks = Women were 26 lbs heavier 
  3. Cookies = Women were 8 lbs heavier 
  4. Fruit Bowl = Women were 13 lbs lighter 

Don’t get fooled by the Marketing Fluff

Or aka Marketing Psychology


I am about to blow your mind… Did you know that cereal marketed for children is strategically placed on the shelf at a lower height then adults cereal? This is a smart move! But the crazy part is the characters eye’s (usually cartoons) on the boxes are turned down at an angle = Brand Trust!

What the fuck…? Is your mind blown …? cereal lucky charms


So in conclusion form today’s self care post I would like you to explore Nutrient S = Self Care Strategies focusing on food and your subconscious mind. Inspired by Rosalyn Fung. I also give her full credit for the Nutrient S thing it was all her and I love it! To help you get started I have a simple question for you: 

What food items permanently live on your kitchen counter?

This weeks self care strategy is a friendly reminder to be aware of the “marketing fluff” your exposed to on a daily basis. And to be mindful about the exposure you are sending your self with your own kitchen. What do you have on your counter tops? Or when you first open up your fridge or pantry.. Perhaps swap your cereal and soda for a fruit bowl or a small garden with herbs.


It will not only make your kitchen appear bigger, cleaner and organized it will also create a self care time machine for you to enter each morning. Starting your day off by listening to your body , and eating mindfully and intuitively without being subconsciously told to eat cereal.





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