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Community, Tea, & Vision Boards


Well with the new moon, and mercury retrograde almost to an end I decided this weekend I would spend most of my Sunday afternoon with like minded ladies cutting, and pasting onto our individual vision boards. It was perfect timing I had messaged a girlfriend who hosted a group vision board making at her house last year, asking if she wanted to do it again this year. I was called to create a new one, and didn’t feel creative enough to do it alone. It turns out she had something planned already (which was today Sunday April 30th 2017). I am really glad I went, I am happy with my board and enjoyed every minute of it.

vision board 2017 image 1

10 Tips on crafting your own vision board

  1. Build a community and gather up some like minded peeps and do it together.
  2. Give your self about 3 – 4 hours
  3. Sip on Tea
  4. Go in with a plan ( are you visioning something very specific or a broad overview of your life?)
  5. Pre cut or tear out pages and bring them with you in a folder
  6. Bring a poster, glue stick, scissors and magazines
  7. Cut first and glue after
  8. Spread your glue stick on your poster and then paste the picture on it . Instead spreading glue on the picture and pasting it, this will help it from tearing.
  9. Do a group intention before hand (pull cards, share you intention or guided meditation)
  10. Write the month and year on the back of your board. & Take a picture and use it as a phone or computer screen saver

Since I knew I would be away for a few hours I did my grocery shopping yesterday, and prepped meals for the week this morning. That way I knew I wouldn’t be rushed and have a bunch of cooking to do when I got home.


I also enjoyed the sunny weather we had this morning and did 20 minutes of yoga outside while my charcoal and Vitamin C Mask from BeautyCounter was drying.

Why Vision Boards?

I personally have always loved the idea of a vision board, it not only helped me identify what I really wanted in life. But it helped me organize my ideas and goals while also dreaming big. It helps me manifest and take action on the things I want most over the next year. Some may think the whole idea is ridiculous like how is a poster going to get you rich or have that dream car?

Ok we all know that a poster with a torn out picture from a magazine you stole from the hair salon is not the solution to getting what you want in life. But the act of dreaming up ideas, cutting images out that inspire you , bring you joy or create a very specific memory of a goal or idea you wish came true will not only get you thinking about it but it will most likely be a reminder of the important stuff you want to take action on.

But I do believe that what you put out there will come to you, and if you put positive energy into your creation, and you keep it close by, you will eventually start to see things happen. You can subconsciously be manifesting this shit while you sleep without even knowing it. As long as your goals, and dreams align with who you are to the core, and they are things that YOU want and not “things you feel you should be doing”.

The worst thing is pasting things on your board that you “think you should” have vision board 2017 imgage 2or do because of your age or whatever… If your not ready to fall in love and get married then don’t paste that shit! Just because you feel pressure from family or friends doesn’t mean that has to be a mission in life for you right now. Instead dig deeper…. What connections, community and relationships are you missing out on instead of focusing on finding a mate. This will not only get you out doing things you love with people you enjoy but it will also make you seem less frantic, and perhaps you will find an amazing partner to get serious with in the end.




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