Self Care Sunday…. Week Two: Travel Tips

A look inside my Sunday Self Care Rituals….. when on the road.


Hello beautiful! 

Today I am going to share with you a day in a life of a nutritionist who takes self care very seriously!! { Keep in mind I am human, and even though I know what to do I don’t always follow my own rules}

But since I published my first Self Care Sunday post  I have received some amazing feed back from my lovely friends, and my one whole reader I have haha. Because of their kind encouragement I have decided to make it a regular thing… So I would like to introduce my Self Care Sunday Posts. Which can be found in the Nourished on  Budget section.

Here I will share with you some insight to self care… the why’s, the how too’s, and a look into what my Sunday looked like while away for the weekend.

This information is for YOU to get inspired to take some time for your self! Are you eager to discover how to use my personal success strategies to design your very own Self Care Rituals?

You are …? That makes me so excited!


Like I said I take this stuff seriously and I am so excited that people are actually interested in this stuff too!

But first I want to help set you up for success…. Because although Self Care Sunday’s sound intriguing, you may be unsure how the heck a few posts are going to help you slow down, take time out of your BUSY day, and still get everything on your ” to do list” checked off?


I can not press pause on your “real life shit” that distracts you. You know the stuff that “has to get done” or you feel “should get done” the stuff that gets in the way of slowing down, and taking time for your self. Sorry, I have not magically created an extra hour in your day, and I will not be coming to your home to wash your dishes, fold your laundry, or take your dog for a walk. 

Although that would be a great business plan!

And although this would help you, get that much needed uninterrupted and guilt free “me time” so you can finally WASH YOUR HAIR!. But I think we can all agree that If I come over and help you get stuff done, its not really helping you discover and design your own self care rituals that align with your likes and needs.

Eventually I will leave, and you will be put right back where you started. With no solutions, no step-by-step process, and absolutely no “tools” on how to fit self care into your busy life. And take time for your self without feeling guilty or lazy!  

Intrigued…? But not entirely sold? Second guessing why your reading this post..? 

I get it your feeling frustrated!
Unsure that self care is even your thing, and slowing down… How the hell are you supposed to get stuff done then?. I bet your mind wondered a bit when you read the word “self care” dreaming up a far far away land of calm, lavender scented rejuvenation right! Then your child started screaming, your door bell rang, and you realized you have not ate yet? Or perhaps you don’t have children but you feel like your putting all the effort in with zero progress? Your drained, and not sure if the “things” you are doing are even helping…? You just want to know the most important “things” to do, and feel like they are worth while, so you can be on your way!

THIS IS OK! …. YOUR NOT ALONE! ………Just take a deep breath… and read on.

Tough Love Moment…... YES you have time to read this post and maybe even take action on the lovely rituals I am about to share with you! But you don’t follow through with it because your busy life gets in the way. Reality check… How many times have you checked Facebook, text messages or got busy watching cat videos on YouTube…today? I know its rude but seriously! We have a ton of distractions.

One big distraction that used to totally rock my boat was TRAVEL. I would actually get anxiety about going away because I knew I would come back fatter, sicker, bloated, constipated, and annoyed I would have to START my self care rituals all over again! It would take about a week to get back to my normal routine, then I would feel on a roll again to find out a holiday is coming, a friends wedding, or a long weekend etc to interrupt my healthy life style again.

Ok first thing first. I know this all sound familiar to you because we are human, we “fall off” sometimes or we use holidays and travel as a excuse to “let loose”. Our friends convince us champagne during brunch is totally ok, which turns into day drinking, which turns into laying on your bed filled with crumbs, for the rest of the evening in your hotel room watching Mean Girls.

True Story!

God dam distractions all over the fucking place! This is what I like to call the snow ball effect. One small slip up or distraction leads to a big fucking mess of a snow ball that’s rolling around following you EVERYWHERE. You have no way out, its going to catch up with you, so what do you do..? You do more unhealthy , indulgent, destructive things… You throw your hands in the air and say fuck it..I’m so far gone now I am just going to do all the wrong things. There’s no hope!

Ill get right back on track when this ____ holiday, trip, convention ___ you fill in the blank is over!

I am here to tell you IT DOES NOT have to be like this…. You can travel, be healthy eat well, indulge a bit and still make time for 1 – 10 minutes of  travel self care rituals that will make you feel grounded, invigorated and just over all give you a sense of self love and joy!

First off I am going to let you in on two very important secrets that have helped me identify how to stay consistent with my self care rituals even while traveling.


Secret Number One – How do you deal with inner and outer expectations?

Know your tendency..Understand your personality type and get the proper accountability you need to push through those difficult times. Take the 4 tendencies quiz from Gretchen Rubin here 

Once you know your tendency read up on it… and or listen to Gretchen’s Podcast called Happier (which I love!) This will help you identify what type of accountability you need.. Who it should be, how to ask for help or how to inspire those around you… Once you know their tendency this makes it easier.

Secret Number Two …. I will share with you next Sunday ( I know cliff hanger right , I promise its a good one)

Remember how I said travel was a distraction for me. Well I am happy to say I finally got a grip on this whole going away thing, and being purposefully consistent with my self care rituals while on the road.

This past weekend we decided to go snowboard in Jasper Canada. Its about a 4 hour drive from my home, we planned to leave early ( super early ) Friday morning, board Friday, and Saturday then leave Sunday. But  we decided last minute to leave right after work on Thursday, so we can sleep the night and wake up refreshed to go boarding in the AM.

This was a great choice and I am very happy we did that instead of driving early Friday. This caused a bit of an issue packing and getting stuff organized since we left a day before we had planned. But in the end it worked out, and I didn’t feel rushed boarding.

One way to start off on good step is to plan your exit….Choose a time of day that works best for you. For example do you prefer an early departure or later? It sounds obvious but if you can choose the time you leave based on the time of day that provides you with the least amount of stress then go for it! This may look like getting to the air port earlier to ensure your pre boarding anxiety is at its all time low.

This trip was very memorable because I got engaged! Yup my lovely boyfriend proposed to me on the top of the hill, with the most beautiful view and in the most perfect way possible. It was a great surprise to a very fun weekend. Marmot Basin Hill in Jasper will for ever be in my heart. Ironically the trail he proposed on was called Show Off .. But the proposal was simple, it was a moment we can remember together forever. It was just us two, originally he was going to proposaldo it with our friends there so we can have photos but he decided he wanted to surprise me with the beautiful mountains in the back ground and have it a moment for just us. It was amazing, and I was so stunned that I don’t even think I said yes haha he asked me after…” so is it a yes?” I was too busy processing what was happening. I actually jokingly (but half serious) asked him the next day to propose to me again so I could be more prepared this time.

3 Self Care Strategies I do while on the Road


  1. Pack a lunch kit with ice packs and food ( I usually clean out my fridge of what ever is left ) and purchase extra packaged snack things. Since I have never been at Marmot Ski hill I was not sure what the restaurant situation was like so, I had some extra packaged food on hand in case. It turns out I didn’t eat much during the day anyways, I had  a large egg free breakfast ( Plain yogurt, fruit, pumpkin seeds with coconut, and a few slices of bacon, and a hand full of hash browns) this breakfast was provided at the hotel. It was much better then the regular old free continental breakfast I am used to. You know the muffins, bagels, cereal and bruised bananas. It was a pleasant surprise… I didn’t have to chow down my emergency pack of sardines. Here’s a list of packaged food items I brought in my cooler ( Apples, raspberries, yogurt, grass fed beef jerky , sardines, canned salmon, Lara bars, a package of small baby cucumbers and leftover radishes from my fridge, 1 L water bottle, small containers of coconut water and a couple maple waters) mountain
  2. I do yoga in the car.. Why not?  How to do Yoga in the Passenger seat of the car 
  3. I do 5 – 10 minutes of yoga in the morning, Like this 10 Minute Travel Yoga Video . Or this 5 minute Morning Video . Or a short guided meditation like this one … Meditation for inner peace. I also drink water in the morning before anything, and cover all the bright small digital lights in my hotel room with random pieces of clothes before going to bed. This is a must!! My boyfriend thinks I am crazy but this ensures I get a good sleep, which is a must if I want to board, and have energy to stay focused on my self care rituals. Your more likely to do silly things when you are hungry or tired !

But most importantly I spend quality time with my boyfriend or I guess he is my fiance now haha so cool! I stay off my phone (for the most part) I tell all my clients I am away, and I most of the time do not reply to Facebook or social media… I am still working on that part. This makes the time away more enjoyable, rejuvenating and I feel more grounded and present this way.

However… I did drink more alcohol on this trip, ( Gin and soda and Ciders) I  had pizza one of the nights for dinner (Gljaw breakersuten free of course). And stopped by the famous candy store on our way home. We manged to find the ginormous jaw breakers that my Fiance and his brother would eat on their family vacations.peanut brittle I guess its a good way to keep your kids quiet, but I can’t imagine what the inside of their car was like with two young boys and their sticky candy fingers.

I got 3 small chocolates and a package of peanut brittle and ate it all ! Then crashed HARD while my fiance drove us home while listening to My dad wrote a porno podcast.

If you have not heard of this pod cast yet… You have to listen to it! I have no way of selling it other then you need to experience the not so sexy porno, of a top sales associate in the pots and pans industry named Belinda.. in this story she has a lot of sex, is completely comfortable with her pomegranate like breasts falling out of her shirt at any given moment. She licks a lot of breast nipples, her clit talks, she drinks about a gallon of champagne a day, and blinks from time to time.

If you do not test out any of my self care for travel tips, then I hope you at least listen to this pod cast.. I have never laughed so hard.. If anything it will make you forget about all the stressful adult shit we need to deal with  and help you step out of reality and laugh your ass off.

Now go live a really nourished life … you deserve it!

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    • Yes it will be a weekly series… Once a week I will post a sunday self care post . Including tips and insights on designing your own self care rituals.
      ( show casing what my sunday looked like…. what I did, products I used etc) Just starting out so I will be posting my third one shortly.

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