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What to read first!

The first post you should read is this one! Good on ya! Here I will break down the categories so you can start your healing journey now!
First I would suggest getting to know ME. So we can be friends, and I can be your go to blog for anything from poop to bone broth! YUP I’m talking POOP people! Once you have told your personal poop stories to someone they are now YOUR FRIEND! So gander over to MY STORY and MY SYMPTOMS


Hello Friend, do my symptoms sound familiar?


Anyone who is sick and tired of feeling sick and tired!, those who suspect or have been diagnosed with an Autoimmune disease! or those who feel like they are putting all the effort in with zero progress. They feel like their life is on “hold” and confused on what to focus on first. They feel tired, inflamed and like the body they are in is not theirs. They may be a mother, wife, or entrepreneur, who puts their loved ones or business first and feels guilty or unsure what to do with their “spare time” if they get any at all. They are the doer’s of all and rarely ask for help. They are burnt out, confused and feel alone. 

I am here to share with you all my struggles, because I was YOU. And you are NOT ALONE. Through my posts I will help you discover how live a really nourished life.

Nourishing your body is so much more then just eating good food, its nourishing all aspects of your body and life. Here I will share with you my personal success strategies I used to design my ideal slower pace lifestyle, self care rituals. And how I went from craving “all the things” to mastering eating intuitively.


This didn’t happen over night

Feeling confident in your own skin, getting answers to your embarrassing symptoms. And feeling at ease slowing down, takes time and money. And I have spent A LOT OF BOTH on my quest to understand exactly what the heck was going on and how to fix it.

What would you do if you had a little more energy, sleep like a baby, and have NO food cravings..? Yes that world exits!

Mostly I created this blog to organize my thoughts, what worked, what didn’t… When it came to living a really nourished life inside and out. 


Nourishing Budget: Simple nourishing self care, and life style tips that save you time and money!  It’s a great place to start if you are new to making healthier choices. Or you are a wholefoods rock star and just need some reminders to stay consistent.

Nourishing Kitchen: Helping you get out of the line ups and into the kitchen. I’m sharing the food I love, that has helped me feel my best! Learn how to eat whole foods and feel utterly satisfied!

Nourishing Resources: I am paying it forward by sharing my favorite pod casts, books, and links to the Experts I trust, that know a lot more then I do! Here you will find information on the tests I got, and how I got my diagnosis. (There will be some affiliate links within this blog! These are only products and people I KNOW AND TRUST! I would never share anything I do not 100% believe in) 

Safer Beauty: Here you will learn all about what products I use and trust. Because part of my healing journey is to remove those nasty ingredients we unknowingly put on our bodies everyday. This company I am going to share with you has a strict screening process and is changing the way we look at our personal care products. Its my mission to nourish my body with wholefoods internally and safer beauty products that perform externally. And since I share EVERYTHING with you, then I made sure to make a very special tab for this topic.

Ok, so by now you have a good idea of what content to expect and where to find it! So dive in.


Please note that I am not a professional at this blogging thingy! If you see anything wonky, or you just want to share your story feel free to leave a comment! 


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