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Your quick start guide to nourishing your low functioning thyroid. Know what to test for & when. How to increase your medication SAFELY and effectively.


80% of women have a thyroid issue, and I am one of those many women. And since so many of my friends, family and clients have a low functioning thyroid as well, I decided to create this complementary PDF Guide for you.

THIS GUIDE IS CREATED for anyone who has been told their blood work indicates their thyroid is not functioning optimally, anyone who suspects their thyroid is low and needs help knowing what to test for and when. And anyone that is currently using or open to using Desiccated Thyroid instead of Synthroid.


Within this guide you will find simple, step-by-step strategies I used to get informed, feel confident during my doctor visits. Understand what to test for, and when. And how to increase my desiccated thyroid prescription safely, and effectively, without those nasty side effects know one tells you about.

I will share with you the tips I gathered over the past year, which helped me finally get a grasp on my low functioning thyroid. This information is just that {Information only} Its created for you to feel confident, supported and feel better without wasting anymore of your precocious time or money.

My goal here is to get you out of your sweat pants, and into your jeans. Feel confident in the choices you are making but most importantly to know WHY  you are making those choices. And lastly to feel supported throughout your journey to living a really nourished life inside and out.

The thyroid is something that has affected me greatly when I didn’t know what was going on. I felt like I was going crazy, gaining weight, feeling hot and cold, and suffering with a million strange symptoms. I am a health coach and feel I am informed when it comes to the body and what to look for. And who to ask for help when I need it. But this thyroid thing confused me, I spent an overwhelming amount of time at a lab doing unessasary blood work, and often I cried during my check ups with my Doctor because I felt so alone, and didn’t understand how I presented all the signs and symptoms that my thyroid was not optimally working but was told I was just to sensitive, and that my blood work said it was “within normal range”.

Over the past year I have hired and fired MANY doctors, I found that it’s not their fault but its up to me as the patient to find a medical professional that understood the thyroid, who I felt comfortable with, and who I knew was going to take me seriously. But most importantly someone who understood WHAT TO TEST FOR, HOW TO READ THE LAB RESULTS, AND WHO IS OPEN TO PRESCRIBING BOTH SYNTHROID AND DESICCATED THYROID HORMONE.

This Guide is created with YOU in mind, the many women, men and teens who have reached out to me asking for help. It contains and easy to read step by step process… Something I WISH I HAD.

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{Note: You will need a drop box account to download this Gift… don’t worry its very simple to set up. Just follow this link here.}

Disclaimer: Even though thyroid issues are very common, this guide may not be appropriate for you as an individual. This guide is created for anyone who has been diagnosed or suspects they have a thyroid issue. And who is open to treating it with not only lifestyle and diet changes but medication in the form of Desiccated Thyroid instead of Synthroid. Please read the Disclaimer provided in the PDF Guide.