Weekly Workouts – Week One

My weekly workouts


Monday October 16th 2017

150 Calorie – Elliptical

100 Single Skips

50 Calorie – Elliptical

100 Single Skips

Guided Meditation ( One Minute Habit Changer by Chel Hamilton ) + Vibe Machine

Followed by 1 Minute Roll out legs with foam roller.

(I lay on the floor on my back with my calves on the machine it vibrates and shakes my legs and hips)


Note: This is not sponsored, the house I am currently living at has one and I love using it. I do not own one and I think some of the adds out their claiming that it’s a weight loss exercise type machine is a bit bogus! I however love how it makes me feel, and I do believe that vibration is an amazing and safe way to ground your self, shake tension out of your muscles and to relieve pain when you feel all over body aches. I have not studied it or read up on the type of machine we have here at the house. I just really like it. 


Tuesday October 17th 2017

100 Single Skips + 10 Air Squats X 10 Rounds

Mobility + roll out legs and gluts

1 x  Kettle Bell Turkish Get Up + 25 Glut Bridges X 10 Rounds

20 X Squat + Lunge Combo


Wednesday October 18th 2017

15 Minute Walk outside + Meditation ( Garden of your Life Meditation by Chel Hamilton ) + Vibe Machine

Note: I am assuming you don’t have a vibe machine… If not replace it with this Just try it! 


Thursday October 19th 2017

10 Regular Lunges + 5 Hamstring Curls using Ball

10 Stationary Lunges + 5 Ham Curls

10 Reverse Lunges + 5 Ham Curls

10 Squat Lunge Combo + 5 Ham Curls

10 Lunge with Kick + 5 Ham Curls

10 Side Lunges + 5 Ham Curls

10 Regular Lunges with push off from front foot + 5 Ham Curls

10 Bulgarian Split Squat + 5 Ham Curls

10 Warrior Lunges + 5 Ham Curls

10 Gliding Lunges ( without weight ) + 5 Ham Curls



1 Minute Skip + 1 Minute Glute Bridges X 10 Rounds



1 Minute Elliptical + 1 Minute Glute Bridges + 1 Minute Hamstring Curls on ball X 5 Rounds

Meditation + Vibe Machine











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