What’s the Deal with Medicinal Mushrooms?

Mushrooms.. You either love them or hate them


Mushrooms have existed on this planet for approx 1.3 billion years… And even though some cultures have been using mushrooms for their medicinal properties for some time now. I have noticed in Western cultures it seems like their are two types of humans.. Those who like mushrooms or those who are grossed out by them, and swear to never eat them. My sister HATES mushrooms.. all kinds of them, even if you mention the word mushroom she gags. I don’t really get it. I like them, and I have a new found respect for them since discovering medicinal mushrooms.

Fun Fact: If you hate mushrooms like my sister… You can be categorized with Mycophobia.


So what’s the deal with Medicinal Mushrooms anyways?


Medicinal mushrooms will balance and restore your immune system, increase oxygen flow to your cells, boost your brain function, reduce inflammation, regulate your blood sugar, lower your stress, promote quality sleep, reduce anxiety, and  reduce body pain.

–  From Tero Isokauppila Founder of Four Sigmatic & Author of Healing Mushrooms

The book Healing Mushrooms : A practical and culinary guide to using mushrooms for whole body health, is my BIBLE. I loved medicinal mushrooms before reading this book, but holy smokes I LOVE LOVE LOVE them now. I have incorporated them into my diet for over one year now, and I felt they were a good choice for me from my first cup of reishi tea. Then I started to dive into the literature, I used the Mushroom Academy from FOUR SIGMATIC…. which was really fun! When I found out that the founder Tero was writing a book called “Healing Mushrooms” I made sure I got a pre order on Amazon that day. I have a new found appreciation for said “shrooms”



Fun Fact Found in Tero’s Book

Mushrooms are used in more than 40% of pharmaceuticals available on the market today.

Wow isn’t that insane.. Who would have thought that.

I first started to use Four Sigmatic mushroom products when I was dealing with autoimmune flare up’s and adrenal issues. Let’s just say I was sick, burnt out, and dealing with lots of body pain. I needed to make some changes to my lifestyle quick. I was 28 years young and felt OLD AF!

On my 30th birthday I had a realization that I forgot what it was like to not be in pain… Oh man this just makes me sad thinking about it. Through my entire healing journey I had the mindset that this is not going to be my life forever. I was going to feel better, I was going to do great things and I was not going to let some autoimmune flare ups dictate what I can and can’t do. ( That being said my symptoms and flare up’s did control my day to day life for a while like 3 years or so) Some day’s were better then others, and some days I cried a lot. It was difficult at times, but I know the combination of lifestyle, diet, medication, supplements and professional services I used each played their important role in my healing process.

Obviously this post is emphasizing Medicinal Mushrooms! 

As a Massage Therapist and Holistic Nutritionist I had the pleasure of working one on one with so many amazing people. I saw a trend in people’s attitudes when it came to being in pain, feeling guilty and wanting to “get better” “loose weight” or “have more energy”.  Mostly what I noticed over the 10 years of massaging and 3 years working as a real whole foods nutritionist was this:

People came to see me because they felt “broken” they felt like they knew what they needed to do to “get better” but they needed someone to tell them what to do, how to do it and to hold them accountable.

There were so many times I heard ” I know what I need to do but just have not done it yet”.  I saw a lot of guilt in my clients. They felt guilty and ashamed that they have not made those changes they felt were the “right” “things” or the “healthy things”. They thought something was wrong with them, and they were fed up and ready to make changes, and needed help. 

Throughout the years I also noticed that people were not “ready” to take on anything “new”, “difficult” or “healthy” until they felt like it was the “right time” You know the right time being… When your school reunion comes up, or your wedding, or after the holiday’s because during the holiday’s is just silly.

Walla…. The reason your local gym is filled with eager change makers ready to sweat, come Jan and Feb. And membership sales are usually down between Nov and Dec.

Obviously it’s not the best idea to start anything new and expect big changes if your either moving, changing jobs, having a baby, dealing with a family crisis or death. You know the things that take your time, cause stress and lack of sleep. But there is a difference between “waiting for the right time” to start “said healthy habit” because it really is not a safe and effective time for you right now. And “waiting for the right time” because your cleaning out your junk draws, getting a dog, having guest stay with you, or attending a celebration that involved cake.

During my practice as a Nutritional Consultant I would offer complementary 15 minute meet and greets ( either by phone or in person). I would empathize with said potential client “the right time” might feel like the best time to start, that being said stressful life shit .. ( Yes I say shit.. I do have a potty mouth ) Shit happens all the time, and I want to help ease you through it. I am here to help guide you through what ever said event is happening. That way when you are out in the world doing your thing you have a few tools under your belt to get through it on your own ) So you don’t “fall off completely” and feel like you have “failed”.

I want to make it clear that the “fall off” and “failed” words are coming from my clients. Not me, but I do like to reflect back to my clients what they are saying to me. Sometimes this helps them hear how negative or mean they are to them selves. That’s why I use those words sometimes.

You might be wondering what the heck do medicinal mushrooms have to do with all of this?


I do have a point, I promise.

Sometimes we are impatient, we feel guilty and we feel overwhelmed with all the “healthy” stuff out there. Most of the time we want more energy, we want to sleep better, we want less wrinkles, and we want to feel good in our skin. Or in more extreme cases like my self, you want to know what it feels like to NOT have body pain.

From my perspective, I feel most individuals would benefit from nourishing their digestive system, reducing inflammation and finding the cause to their symptoms. Ideally this would look like ( focusing on quality sleep, managing stress, healing the gut and reducing foods and life style habits that cause inflammation) I think we can all agree that we want some what quick results, we want to know we are spending our money on ” things” that “work” and we want to feel better sooner so we know that “said” cost is worth it.

I know first hand what this feels like, I am THE MOST IMPATIENT PERSON EVER! But on the flip side I understand that slower, steadier lifestyle changes will be the safest and most effective in the long run.  In my quest to finding solutions to feeling better I discovered that using medicinal mushrooms was the answer to a lot of the symptoms and stuff I was dealing with.

In my practice I only suggested medicinal mushrooms to two of my clients, because at that time I was still learning about them. And I felt these two individuals were good candidates for adding them into their daily lives. They were open to it, and each felt a positive shift in their lives when they started to use them.

Even though I was a huge advocate for using medicinal mushrooms I decided to experiment with them on my self first before suggesting them to multiple people in my practice.

Fast forward 1.5 ish years.. And I am completely comfortable and 100% sure that medicinal mushrooms are a good choice for almost everyone. ( With a few exceptions, depending on your current health issues, medications, and or if you fall in the category of Mycophobia ).

If you want a good bang for your buck. If you want to feel better NOW, if you want to use food first without taking a lot of supplements. And if you want something that is easy to incorporate into your life right now without having to make too many changes all at once. Then I fully support advocating for incorporating medicinal mushrooms into your daily routine.

It can be as simple as replacing your star bucks or Tim’s (I live in Canada) with FOUR SIGMATIC Mushroom Coffee with Lions Mane. For extra nutrients, sustainable energy without the crash, and the added bonus of Lions Mane which helps your brain feel FOCUSED.

or as simple as having a tea in the evening of FOUR SIGMATIC Reishi mixed with hot water. This has helped me at night. I love it, I instantly feel calm, relaxed and clear headed. That kind of let go and relax kinda feeling you get from a glass of wine at night. But instead of drinking the whole bottle and waking up with a hang over you can feel ease and over all mental and body calm from a simple tea.

Pretty much I feel using medicinal mushrooms can be a simple and effective way to feel better now. Without making massive changes to your daily habits. – Even if you HATE mushrooms, if you are open to trying the extracted powders that do not taste or look like mushrooms then you are in for a treat! 

Fun Fact found in Tero’s Book

Human’s and mushrooms share roughly 85% of the same ribosomal RNA and almost 50% of the same DNA – How crazy is that! ( This helps explain why the healing properties in mushrooms are so powerful for human’s)

There are SO many “healthy” supplements to choice from. I personally choose to use medicinal mushrooms as my Super Food of choice. And I am really happy that I was open to trying them and learning more about them. I created this post because I am profoundly excited and in aww of how cool mushrooms are. I also like that they have been studied for a while now, because they are used in many main stream pharmaceuticals. They not only have been excising on this planet for over 1.3 Billion Years, but they have been used in cultures all over the world for a long time now as a medicinal and nourishing treatment. And have a lot of science to back up the healing properties. Also I have personally found a benefit to my daily life, and I am so happy I have this platform to share this with you all. 


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