Where to Start?

First I would suggest getting to know me check out MY STORY and MY SYMPTOMS. You can also check out this post SO WHO IS THIS BLOG FOR?.
Then if you are still interested and my spelling and grammar issues have not completely horrified you, I invite you to scroll down toward the bottom of this page and check out each Category. Here I will break down a simple explanation of what I write about and where you can find it.


If you HATE reading… and want to know RIGHT NOW what I am all about. ( Well I would suggest when I create a pod cast to listen to that instead of reading this blog). But until then here is the in a nutshell version of what I am creating with my blog.


I share my personal success strategies to encourage you to live a really nourished life inside and out. I mostly write about Self Care Strategies for Busy People, Crafting Nourishing Elixirs with Medicinal Mushrooms ( Yes Shroom’s but not the kind your thinking of). From time to time I will post about Thyroid health, and the wonderful and talented professionals I know and trust, who have helped me during my struggle with my low functioning thyroid and autoimmune flare ups. And lastly I will talk about SAFER BEAUTY, something I am extremely passionate about.

I am not an expert, I speak from the heart and share from my experiences. The information I create is to help guide you to living a really nourished life inside and out. It’s fun and helps me organize my thoughts and I am so so so happy you are here and I hope you find what you are looking for.

The Categories

Nourishing Budget: Simple nourishing self care, and life style tips that save you time and money!  It’s a great place to start if you are new to making healthier choices. Or you are a wholefoods rock star and just need some reminders to stay consistent.

Nourishing Kitchen: Helping you get out of the line ups and into the kitchen. I’m sharing the food I love, that has helped me feel my best! Learn how to eat whole foods and feel utterly satisfied! THIS PART IS A WORK IN PROGRESS…. TO BE HONEST I SHARE MORE ELIXIRS THEN FOOD.

Nourishing Resources: I am paying it forward by sharing my favorite pod casts, books, and links to the Experts I trust. Here you will find information on my go to resources to help you live a really nourished life.

(There will be some affiliate links within this blog! These are only products and people I KNOW AND TRUST! I would never share anything I do not 100% believe in) 

Safer Beauty: Here you will learn all about what products I use and trust. Because part of my Nourished Life is to remove those nasty ingredients we unknowingly put on our bodies everyday. The products and companies I will share with you have a strict screening process and is changing the way we look at our personal care products. Its my mission to nourish my body with wholefoods internally and safer beauty products that perform externally. And since I share EVERYTHING with you, then I made sure to make a very special tab for this topic.

I believe that when choosing personal care products we shouldn’t have to compromise on safety or performance. We should be able to do BOTH, and I am here to share with you which products do just that and MORE.

Ok, so by now you have a good idea of what content to expect and where to find it! So dive in.


Please note that I am not a professional at this blogging thingy! If you see anything wonky, or you just want to share your story feel free to leave a comment! 


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